4 Prerequisites for Success !

Think about all the successful people you know.

They would mostly be

Category 1 — Who have made it very big (job/business) but you know them through media

Category 2 — Those you know personally. In this there are two sub types

o Type A — Those how worked really hard and became rags to riches (job/business)

o Type B — Those who were born into a rich family (we all have such cousins)

When you will look deep within you’d see, irrespective of how much money/lifestyle comforts Type B have, somehow when we grow up, there would always be more respect for Type A people (second only to category 1 type — as we have personally not been a witness of their journey).

Now, if we go deeper you would see a similarity between the two successful ones — both Type A and category 1 people aspired for something big, worked towards it and eventually achieved it. We all have desires and because we are social beings, we like it when progress is made by our loved/known ones, somewhere these success stories / motivation makes one feel good as it opens a ray of hope — and we vicariously live it!

And if you think a little more deep you will realize that though poster boys keep changing with passing time (it’s a circle / people keep going up & coming down) what doesn’t change is the fact that — there is always a chance for everyone to make it big — no one will there permanently but anyone can be there.

Question is how ? What did these guys do differently to what most of us do?

I think it’s about 4 things

1) Believing that anyone who worked hard can do it — and hence so can they

2) Taking risk / leap of faith with right team (doing changes / business/ moves which everyone thought was too risky/not right)

3) Putting in the max hard work possible when they identified the opportunity which can get them there (whether education / work / work-life balance)

4) Took ownership !

Every 5–10 years someone we know strikes gold which exposes one fact — any one of us — can also be an inspiration for younger kids tomorrow if only we build on these 4 things — dream, think and believe we can be there (coz they too started from nowhere), take a leap of faith (lehron se dar kar nauka paar nahi hoti) with right people (this is important — right people would never deceive you if you give them your 100% & integrity), work on the opportunity at hand with utmost sincerity (most of those who made it big in jobs were stellar performers and that’s why rose to the top / got stock/shares which later resulted in landslide gains) & take ownership (attitude has to be — its my work, my life, my opportunity — anyone who isn't working hard perhaps doesn't want success this bad — I want — so I will do my bit & take this home!)

Some example could be — before Sheryl Sandberg decided to join Facebook (a start-up then with no profits) the world was celebrating Google (where she was VP with a fat salary), at that stage, she took a bold call to join Facebook and over next 3 years turned it profitable. Today she worth 1 Billion $$

Even here in India, in 2000s everyone used to talk about JustDial / Nokia etc but the guys who joined Snapdeal / Flipkart from the established companies as first few employees took a leap of faith and today they are worth millions. Similarity — they believed that they too can make it big, and when they got an opportunity — they gave it all what they had.

We all are a similar juncture :) Lets make it big together as the time is limited. With right team and efforts we can go from ‘celebrating poster boys/girls’ to being one!



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Deep Bajaj : Founder Sirona Hygiene (PeeBuddy)

Deep Bajaj : Founder Sirona Hygiene (PeeBuddy)


Social Entrepreneur | Solving Unaddressed Intimate & Menstrual Hygiene issues with award-winning products | Fortune 40 under 40 | ET 40 under 40 | Tedx speaker