We got ourselves, new partners! #SeriesB


21st December 2021 — A special day for us.


I represent Sirona, a start-up known for solving unaddressed Intimate & Menstrual hygiene issues faced by Womxn with our unique products. While as a start-up we have been profitable for past 3 years and growing 100% CAGR, to expand further, we had to raise money. We raised Series A in April 2021, and recently raised Series B in a strategic funding round by ‘The Good Glam Group’.


21st December 2021 — We raised money & great things happened! Through this post, I just wanted to capture the best moments of the day & immortalize them for us :)

  1. Bitter Sweet — Our early Seed and angel investors — whose investment and faith helped us scale and come this far, exited the cap table. Their contribution will always stay invaluable. While we were able to offer them a financial exit, we can never repay the favor.

Great moment — numerous angel investors sent messages congratulating us, sharing they were happy with their journey with us- which meant a lot. The icing on the cake — one of our seed investors sent 12 champagne bottles & flowers for the entire office !! Will never forget the look on the face of team SIRONA. What an amazing gesture!

2. New Partners — raising money is no big achievement per se but it’s still a milestone worth capturing, this one became a tad bit special just with the way The Good Glam group made exceptions to partner with us. Right from the format of the deal (partnership & investment over upfront acquiring / all support offered over just money) to the enthusiasm and appreciation they have shown for our work. It was really special.

The great thing — The recently appointed CEO #Sukhleen (with other stars of G3 Group — Gaurav & Bhavesh) came in to show the kind of relationship this is going to be! She carried ‘welcome to family Cake’! An amazing gesture.

At our end — we got all those who have been with us for 5+ years (and on whose shoulder this has been built) to cut the cake! What a day!

3. Universe
The whole universe came out appreciating this important milestone. We got coverage in all leading newspapers and media portals.
Good thing — Couldn’t have asked for a better coverage


The team at Sirona shall continue to lead the category, innovate and build for our customers. We shall continue to solve more unaddressed Intimate and Menstrual hygiene issues faced by womxn (from puberty to menopause) with our unique products. We will take all support possible from our new partners & solve many new problems for our customers.

Super excited!
Super thankful to all team members (past and current), to all vendor partners. Special thanks to all competitors (who kept us on our toes and helped in building the category). Thankful to every customer, all investors, and well-wishers!



Deep Bajaj : Founder Sirona Hygiene (PeeBuddy)

Social Entrepreneur | Solving Unaddressed Intimate & Menstrual Hygiene issues with award-winning products | Fortune 40 under 40 | ET 40 under 40 | Tedx speaker